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this fateful meeting in the yellow c●ambric frock with its inadequate sleeve▓s! The interview did not last

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very ●long, and Della was sufficiently▓ upset, when she rap{149}idly went to h●er own room, to satisfy e

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ven my ideas!▓ I did not ask any questions, but I● gleaned from the family talk that the young man▓ ha

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    d come to say good-by, as he was to sail● for New York on his way to Europ●e the next day.Just at the hour at wh▓ich the steamer left a beautiful pyramidal bo▓uquet arrived in a handsome silver bouquet-▓holder, with Mr.Blank’s car

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    d. CHA▓PTER XIII CHRISTMAS AT CHICORA WOOD WHILE we● were at boarding-school we had no▓t gone into the country for ●the short Christmas holidays; but▓ now we went a week before C▓hristmas with all the househol●d, and did not re


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turn till about t●he 10th of January.Oh, the ▓joy of the Christmas on the plantation! We had▓ t

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o have presents for so many—fruit and candy ▓and dolls and nuts and handkerchiefs and stocki▓ng

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s and head-handkerchiefs.Re▓joicing and festivities everywhere! All● busy preparing and selectin

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g Christ▓mas presents, and decorating the house wi▓th holly.Christmas Eve, making egg-no●g, and going round with little ●children helping them hang up st▓ockings and

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, later, going round with grown▓-ups and filling stockings.Chr▓istmas morning ve

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    ry early, “Merry● Christmas!” echoing all over the h▓ouse; all the house-servants stealing● in softly to “ketch yu,” t▓hat is, say the magic words “Me▓rry Christmas!”

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    before you did.Then▓ joyful sounds, “I ketch yu!” and you▓ must produce your gift, whereupo▓n they bring{151} from the ample bosom or pocket▓, as the case may be, eggs tied

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    in a ha▓ndkerchief—two, three, six, perhaps▓ a dozen, according to the w●orldly position of the donor.Such jolly, gay, l▓aughing visitors, a stream com▓ing all the time.As

  • fast as● one party left another came, alw●ays making great plans to walk softly ▓so as to catch you, so that dressing was a● prol

    d from a yo●ung
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  • onged and difficult matter, for▓ you must respond and open the door ▓when “Merry Christmas, I ketch yu!” sounded.B●reakfast was a

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